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Jossy Mayor - Art & Film

Jossy is an artist and filmmaker who has dedicated his life to the exploration of visual arts and the power of storytelling. His feature documentary and two shorts have been widely acclaimed, and his paintings in oil on canvas are noted for their vivid colors or texture-rich black and whites. His current works explore the notion of networks and connectivity, Technology and how social media has changed the way humans interact with one another, and how the digital age has impacted the way we think and communicate. Jossy's art is a reflection of his sensibility for the complexity of the human experience.

He is a member of the AAPL (Association des Artistes Plasticiens de Luxembourg) and of the LARS (Luxembourgish Association of Filmmakers and Scriptwriters).

He has never been one to appease the masses, but instead to create art for the individual.His art can be found in the collections of private individuals. Over the years, Jossy has rarely shown his work publicly

Jossy Mayor strives to create art that speaks to the heart and soul of the individual and his work reflects his passion for the craft. His art is a testament to his dedication to creating pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

He currently works at his studio @AAPL ARTIST STUDIOS – Luxembourg Verlorenkost 




Galerie VallArt, Luxembourg


LHoFT Luxembourg


Galerie d’Art du Théâtre d’Esch - STORIES






Open Doors of the AAPL Studios (during Luxemburg Art Week)

Open Doors of the  AAPL studios

Open Doors of the AAPL Studios

Open ART - Larochette castle


Writer / Director


"Crise et Chuchotements / Crisis and Whispers",  a feature documentary

Un Café pour l’Amérique / Butterflies do not drink coffee”, a 20 min short

Le Jardin de François / The Garden” (French/Luxembourgish),

Jossy Mayor has developped several spec screenplays since 1985.

Membership : LARS, d’filmakademie, Palm Springs Film Festival alumni

Founder and managing director of Rishon Films sàrl, a Luxembourg production company formed in 2008.


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