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Crise et Chuchotements / Crisis and Whispers

A feature documentary by Jossy Mayor and Laurent Moyse

 2022 - French & Luxembourgish - 71 minutes


Part of LUXFILMFEST 2022 in the section : FILM MADE IN/WITH LUXEMBOURG.The film was theatrically released in May 2022 and Broadcast on RTL Luxembourg.


September 2008 : shock wave in Luxembourg

The spectre of a national catastrophe arises at the end of September 2008 in Luxembourg when two systemic banks from the financial centre are on the verge of disappearing simultaneously.  

With the participation of Luc Frieden, Jeannot Krecké, Charles Goerens, Carlo Thill, Frank Wagener, Serge Allegrezza, Yves Mersch, Jean-Jacques Rommes, Pierre-Henri Conac, ...


Synopsis: On Friday September 26, 2008, the management of Fortis Luxembourg warns the Luxembourg finance minister, Luc Frieden, that the bank is on the verge of collapse. The subprime crisis and the acquisition of ABN AMRO precipitated the fall of the group of which it is a part and which has its headquarters in Belgium. For three days, a Luxembourg delegation under the leadership of the State works tirelessly to try to save the Luxembourg entity. No sooner has it sketched out a rescue scenario that it learns about another systemic bank, Dexia-BIL, which is dragged into a similar disaster. The disappearance of the two banks could deal a fatal blow to the country's economy and destabilize the entire financial centre.


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