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Under Development

The Eternal Artist - documentary-fiction, feature film

- Inspecteur-Chef Bingebaan - fiction, feature film


Crise et Chuchotements / Crisis and Whispers

A documentary  by Jossy Mayor and Laurent Moyse

2022 - 71 min. French & Luxemb.

The spectre of a national catastrophe arises at the end of September 2008 in Luxembourg when two systemic banks from the financial centre are on the verge of disappearing simultaneously.

Un Café pour l'Amérique.png

Un café pour l'Amérique / Butterflies do not drink coffee

Short written & directed by Jossy Mayor

2009 - 20 min. French

Pierre, a timid and frail man with no family or friends, takes his retirement - what will he do with his days?

Le jardin de François / The Garden

Short written & directed by Jossy Mayor

2007 - 13 min. French

François and Marguerite have lived in a house with a garden for the last thirty years. In the garden there is a rose. A very old rose which was planted 500 years ago, by Joanna the Mad. The legend says that Joanna became mad at the death of her husband and only some hours after the rose was planted. For which reason, François is keeping everyone out of the garden?

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