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IR Layers

Within this series, you'll be drawn into a realm primarily featuring expressive human faces, brought to life through the use of two distinct and striking color combinations: red and black or black and white. Through this  artistic approach, Jossy Mayor reveals hidden dimensions within his creations, reminiscent of the fascinating discoveries made possible by infrared (IR) technology when exploring ancient paintings.
In "IR Layers," Jossy manipulates a limited color palette, each brushstroke becomes a deliberate choice,

inviting you to delve deeper into the emotional resonance of each painting. As if peering through the lens of an IR scanner, you'll uncover layers of hidden narratives and unspoken emotions.The restricted color palette serves as both a canvas and a portal to a world of unexplored possibilities. The interplay between red and black or black and white evoking a dynamic and captivating experience for the viewer. Each artwork becomes a visual story, where the absence of color only enhances the richness of expression and beckons you to explore the unseen, to embrace the simplicity that masks the complexity, and to interpret the profound layers of meaning hidden within.

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